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Post Info TOPIC: Unfair Play Sharron DAvies

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RE: Unfair Play Sharron DAvies

JonH comes home wrote:

My personal primary involvement here is to understand more and it feels generally pretty courteous to me, no one is getting aggressive I dont think? My own personal angle is through one small corner of the debate around what we call a woman or a man and to highlight that my experience tells me its complex, as I highlighted above.

If your body developed along the pathway associated with the production of large gametes, you are female. If your body developed along the pathway associated with the production of small gametes, you are male. In both cases, you do not have to be capable of actually producing gametes. Adult human females are called women (the EA2010 drops the adult, presumably because the drafters didn't want to say women and girls all the time). 

A joke -

Social conservatives think that women should do the washing up.

Gender criticals think that anybody can do the washing up.

TRAs think that anybody who does the washing up is a woman. 


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emmsie69 wrote:
Jaggy1876 wrote:

A lot of the problem with the various discussions on the Trans topic for me is that it seems that we get examples and stories, some of which I often think are fictional so that some people may sculpt their arguments and the bigotry they normally hide in public can be justified. Similar I think to the BLM issue whereby people with racist opinions think they have an in to mask their racism by seeing it in a different way. This time its womens rights and standing up for women some would call it. For the avoidance of doubt Im not calling all these people bigoted merely highlighting its a platform for some of these people.

The world is changing and I always think rather than picking a side and sticking to it I think we need to listen and learn to the people it affects. A lot of it baffles me, the non binary one was something I didnt get but now understand. Just because you dont understand something doesnt mean its right or wrong.

 You basically just called me a liar.  That is where the toxicity comes in.  Both my experiences happened and both have other witnesses, 1 went to the management of the gym and it was resolved according to the law, suffice to say that as the 4 other perfectly reasonable options were not acceptable to the TiM, he is now now longer a member of the gym!! I won't say which precise gym but it is part of the Freedom Leisure group.

The 2nd one, plenty of people will have seen the TiM working at the Easyjet baggage drop last year because he was about 6'6" granted they won't have experienced his behaviour in the mess room but there were plenty of staff who did.  He 'came out' as Trans on his course and was straight in the ladies bathrooms.

My No.1 concern is for Children being caught up in this ideology and going down a medicalised pathway when decent therapy would help resolve the vast majority (although not all).   

I bought this on to this part of the forum purposely to remove it from the actual Tennis debate.

It is interesting that when TiMs use the argument that they aren't safe in the Men's bathrooms and have to use the Women's it's all fine but when Women use the same argument that we don't feel safe with them in there, we are bigots.

As Steve J said No debate is over, if people want to look into this further and at the end still think it's OK then fine, atleast you've done your research and are making a decision based on balanced information now rather than the one side we have had up to this point.

Helen Joyce: Parents Of Trans Children Will Not Be Able To Move On | Video | RealClearPolitics

Scroll down for the entire video but I warn you it is pretty hardcore.  Certainly listen to the 1st few minutes which is just about You Tube censoring


ETA Coup Droit is absolutely right.

-- Edited by emmsie69 on Thursday 10th of August 2023 08:19:23 AM

No I clarified my point towards the end, I said there will be people that will use various stories and perceived events to shoehorn their prejudices, Im sure youve seen that as well. In America its rife. The frothing at the mouth is my issue. Rational discussion of all sides of the argument is required not vitriolic reaction and overreaction. Nailing colours to the mast is not the correct way of dealing with a complex matter, which is why Im still undecided on a lot of the issues raised.



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I actually find it quite funny that someone who claims they are left wing is busy centering predominately white, western Men over Women.
Am I scared when I go into a toilet and there is 6'5" male in there, no but if I was a Muslim or Jewish Orthodox Woman and actually legitimately part of a marginalised sector of society I'd be excluded from using public toilets.
If I was a young girl just starting my periods and still getting to grips with cleaning myself up I again would likely self exclude or wait until they had left all so some Man can validate himself.


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This never is or never was about public toilets lets face it. I love the claim to be left wing comment as well, those words were never said by me again all conjecture, probably as you are clearly way over on the right. I was actually prepared to give you the benefit of doubt however the frothing at the mouth is so evident here we see you in plain sight now. Very disappointing, maybe one day you will be able to accept people different than yourself. You clearly dont understand or want to understand, using the attack that its about protecting women is an all too convenient smokescreen. Its a bigger topic than toilets lets face it.


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I sometimes feel I am too old for the modern world hmm

Who knew w***ker is considered gender specific?


-- Edited by Elegant Point on Friday 25th of August 2023 08:42:49 PM

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