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Post Info TOPIC: US College Signings 2015

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RE: US College Signings 2015

It is not unusual to redshirt freshman and preserve their 4 years of eligibility if the squad, with Florida State (sport obsessed as opposed to academically, made the news last year for Nobel prize winners, no but most drafted players to the NFL, (any team ever I think) it probably can, take the hit. Players also get grey shirted if they are injured again preserving eligibility.


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Optimist there is a link into the draws at the bottom of Bradmarxs link into the piece on the British Memphis Tigers boys as an easy way to monitor progress, I presume Cam is in the MD which starts on Thursday ?? As he's playing the Mansfield futures, I presume the TCU staff don't see him winning it!


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Sendy and Andrew Watson through to final qualifying.


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Here's a list of the men who are at Div 1 colleges this year.  There are plenty of others at lower division schools but most of those we might be interested in will be in this list.  There's one or 2 schools which have not yet published their roster, so I'll update over time if any Brits pop up on those lists.

Max Andrew - Miami-Florida (transferred from Rice)

Jordan Angus - San Diego SR

Tommy Bennett - Rice SR

Matt Bennion - South Carolina Upstate

Sam Bird - Troy FR

William Bissett - East Carolina FR

William Bourne - Fairleigh Dickinson

Stefan Burnett - Florida Atlantic

Harry Busby - Arizona (transferred from junior college)

Sam Butler - Southern Methodist

Seb Butler - South Florida FR

Julian Cash - Oklahoma State (transferred from Mississippi State)

Donovan Cellupica-Towers - New Mexico State FR

Adam Chan - Fairleigh Dickinson

Shamael Chaudhry - Davidson

Ben Clark - Drake FR

Christopher Clayton - Sacramento State

Tom Colautti - Princeton

Christopher Cole - Illinois-Chicago SR

Paul Cook - Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Stefan Cooper - Weber State

Jonathon Cornish - Virginia SR

Adam Coyne - Alabama State

Alex Croker - North Carolina-Asheville SR

Ollie Cull - North Carolina-Ashville FR

Max Darrington - Marist FR

Josef Dodridge - Wisconsin

Julian Farthing - Longwood FR

Jack Findel-Hawkins - North Florida

Tom Fisher - Northern Arizona FR

Piers Foley - Washington FR

David Fox - Denver SR

Alex Gasson - Denver

Dan Gilbert - Wright State

Vinny Gillespie - Drake FR

Tom Hands - Drake FR

Youssef Hassan - Fresno State

Jack Haworth - Brown

Sid Hazarika - Binghamton SR

George Hedley - Louisville FR

Ricky Hernandez-Tong - New Mexico FR

Johnny Higham - South Dakota State

Tom Hill - Pepperdine

Giles Hussey - Georgia State FR

Will Huyton - Louisiana-Lafayette

Rowan Isaacs - Wisconsin-Green Bay SR

Luke Johnson - Clemson

Chris Kerrigan - Georgia Southern

Zak Khan - Belmont FR

Matthew Kirby - Tulsa SR

Thomas Kyle - Southern Illinois FR

James Ling - East Carolina FR

Dan Little - Utah FR

Ben Lott - Drake SR

Jack Macfarlane - Georgia State FR

Calum MacGeogh - Drake (started in January)

Jamie Malik - Rice

Jathan Malik - Michigan (joined during last year, now eligible to play)

Shakeel Manji - Memphis

Ronald Mataba - Alabama State

Miles McDowall - Wisconsin-Green Bay FR

Freddie McGeehan - Utah (started in January)

Calum McInlay - Troy

Euan McIntosh - Fresno State

Nick Mercer - Morehead State SR

Paul Midgley - Dartmouth

Rob Mitchell - Lipscomb

Toby Mitchell - Boise State SR

Takura Mlambo - Alabama State

Peter Molloy - Southern Illinois

Henry Moore - Samford

Christopher Morrow - Harvard FR

Jake Munns - Furman FR

Toby Nicholson - Belmont FR

Cameron Norrie - Texas Christian

Peter Odegbami - Hampton

Peter O'Donovan - Nevada

Josh Page - San Diego (transferred from junior college)

Henry Patten - North Carolina-Asheville FR

Ryan Peniston - Memphis

Thomas Persico - North Carolina Central SR

Sam Philp - Mercer

Josh Pistorius - Furman

Oliver Plaskett - Arizona (transferred from Auburn)

Simon Pritchard - Kennesaw State

Sebastian Rey - Tulane

Chris Reynolds - George Washington (started in January)

Stefan Rhodes - Furman

Sam Rice - Charlotte FR

Charlie Ridout - Wisconsin-Green Bay FR

Jonny Rigby - Southern Illinois SR

Lewis Roskilly - Boise State

Alex Roszkowski - St John's FR

Howard Scott - Wisconsin-Green Bay SR

Alex Sendegeya - Texas Tech (started in January)

Joseph Smithyman - Niagara

Ben Stride - Drake

Emerson Styles - South Dakota State FR

Lucas Taylor - Northern Arizona FR

Samuel Taylor - Radford

Luke Thompson - Hampton FR

Elliot Ward - South Dakota State FR

Andrew Watson - Memphis

Rohan Wattley - Chicago State

Jacob Whalley - Fairleigh Dickinson

Jorge Wilton - Kennesaw State SR

Ben Wood - Drake (joined in January)

Joe Woolley - Utah FR

The following players have completed their 4 years and presumably graduated:

Steve Billington, Kester Black, Joseph Cohen, Ben Davis, Daniel Elston, Sam Fleck, Mat Frost, Lloyd Glasspool, Connor Glennon, Farris Gosea, Nick Jones, Will Juggins, Brad Marriott, Tom Miller, Aleks Mitric, Ben Mullis, Ravi Patel, Francis Sargeant, Chris Simpson, Sam Williams

A couple have transferred to lower division schools: Chris Wood (Eastern Kentucky to West Alabama Div 2), William East (North Carolina Central to Cardinal Stritch NAIA)

And, as far as I can tell, some have left without completing their 4 years (could have left, transferred to a lower division or be long-term injured):

Adam Glynn, Thomas Hulme, Joe Rogers, Christopher Egan-Morris, Dylan Gee


Edit: Added Christopher Egan-Morris and Dylan Gee to the list of those who have disappeared from their university roster without completing their 4 years. Added Ricky Hernandez-Tong to the freshmen

-- Edited by The Optimist on Wednesday 27th of January 2016 06:38:16 PM


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The Optimist wrote:

And the British women in the All American qualies are Sabrina Federici (Texas Tech), Sophie Watts (Fresno) and Daneika Borthwick (Florida State).  

 The women all fell in the first round of qualies - Sabrina to Blair Shankle (WTA UNR CH 822), Sophie to Beatrice Capra (WTA UNR CH 201) and Daneika to Stephanie Nauta (WTA UNR JCH 51)


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Oakland2002 wrote:

Sendy and Andrew Watson through to final qualifying.

 Only Jordan Angus qualified in the All Americans (beating Alex Sendegeya in 3) and he has gone on to win the first round in the MD


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Thanks Optimist -that is a very long list and there are some very good players in that list. Will you be providing a similar list for the girls?

Did Gosea finish? He took a semester out to play on tour didn't he?


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Yes, planning to do the girls as well but it'll be a week or do before I can get round to it.

Farris has finished his 4 years on the tennis team.  However, it is not uncommon for athletes to need an extra term to completely finish off their degrees.  Obviously don't know if that is actually the case here.


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An interesting read, a bit unusual, about - nominally - one of ours:


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Yea great list, thanks for compiling, must have taken ages! Anyone had any experience of using Stars and Stripes recruitment on here?


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Don't think this lad (Logan Burgess Hayes) is on the list - might well be in lower division ???

But I liked the photo

That's what team tennis is all about.


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He's a freshman at Illinois-Springfield which is Div 2.  Agree, great photo!!


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In the optimists defence he was on his list last October (Illinois Springfield div II).

Great piece of work.

Eyeballing the list, to give it a bit of perspective and put it in context as to its relevance to progression into full time professional tennis, again I would defer to others with a more through understanding but given this is a fairly niche (akin to non league football) area I thought it worth a stab.

Cam is a standout and the college route is working out very well for him so far with probably the best freshman year from a British tennis player, that said he must be one of the highest ranked British juniors to go with a combined junior ITF rank between 10-20

Another 19-20 are in very strong sporting institutions, of which 3-4 are relevant nationally and another 4-6 regular and significant contributors to their teams. There level of performance does tend to reflect their junior rank ie. Those at the top colleges usually have one and there is a good chance you will do well if it's less than 250.

Of the top college teams Memphis have backed their team for a number of years now with 150-500 Junior ITF Brits with some success

3-4 at standout academic institutions where sport is a well supported pass time but not a priority for the institution or likely the individual

The remainder are at institutions indeed many div I but in less relevant conferences in terms of generating professional athletes. Drake has an almost entirely British team which has delivered them some success within the Southern conference.


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And here's the list of girls currently at Div 1 schools.  As with the boys, there are plenty of Brits at lower division institutions but I have omitted them as most of those we might follow will be in Div 1.  Again, as with the boys, if I find any omissions or errors here as the college season progresses, I'll edit this post.

Abigail Amos - James Madison FR

Soumeya Anane - North Carolina-Greensboro SR

Alicia Barnett - Northwestern SR

Anna Battersby - Northern Colorado FR

Corinne Blythe - North Carolina-Greensboro

Hannah Brett - McNeese State

Jennifer Brown - Mississippi State

Ellie Burns - South Dakota FR

Sophie Butland - Indiana-Pensylvania

Pippa Carr - Texas State

Paige Christian - Georgia Southern FR

Athena Chrysanthou - Southern Illinois

Laurie Clark - Wisconsin-Milwaukee FR

Beth Coton - Northern Colorado

Lynsey Cover - North Carolina Central

Ffion Davies - South Dakota State SR

Eva Dench - Texas State

Charlotte Derbyshire - Denver SR

Emma Devine - Oklahoma SR

Sophie Dodds - Alabama Birmingham FR

Zoe Douglas - Iowa

Katie Dyson - Pacific FR

Laura Eales - Long Beach State

Amy Ellis - North Carolina-Greensboro SR

Sabrina Federici - Texas Tech

Brigit Folland - South Carolina

Emma Foster - South Dakota State FR

Elif Gabb - South Dakota State

Hannah Gamage - Lipscomb

Emily Gibbens - Cal Poly

Reageer Greenwood - Texas-Rio Grande SR

Alannah Griffin - Auburn FR

Bethan Hayward - Texas-El Paso FR

Laura Hopton - Kennesaw State (transferred from Kansas State)

Kathryn Hughes - Memphis SR

Alex Jones - Long Beach State

Danielle Kinnen -  - Lipscomb (transferred from Eastern Kentucky) SR

Pardis Kianoush - Alabama-Birmingham

Chloe Lant - Marist FR

Rachel Le Comber - Illinois-Chicago FR

Christin Louw - North Carolina-Asheville FR

Nina Luiggi - Bryant

Oana Manole - West Virginia

Claudia Marsala - Jacksonville State

Hayley Marshall - Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ella Monsey - Long Beach State

Meghan Montgomerie - Northern Illinois FR

Madeleine Mortimore - Sam Houston State SR

Chloe Murphy - South Florida SR

Shannon Newnes - Akron

Olivia Noble - Fresno State - FR

Lolade Ogungsbesan - Pittsburgh

Maria Pandya - South Dakota FR

Alice Patch - Utah State FR

Gabby Paul - Memphis (transferred from Saint Leo - Div 2)

Anna PeaŠock - Rhode Island SR

Victoria Pisani - Arkansas State

Jemima Potter - Tennessee-Martin FR

Molly Reed - Cal Poly

Jennifer Ren - Boston College

Louise Ronaldson - Mississippi State

Lana Rush - Florida State

Georgie Sanders - Long Beach State FR

Natalie Sayer - Radford

Kim Schmider - Indianna-Bloomington

Georgina Sellyn - Vanderbilt

Nicole Shakhnazarova - Towson

Rebecca Smaller - Duke

Emily Smith - Rice FR

Elle Stokes - Louisville

Milly Stretton - Kansas State FR

Alice Taylor - Maryland-Baltimore County (announced in Nov 15 that this will be the last academic year with a tennis team)

Ella Taylor - Louisiana State SR

Sophia Thomas - Arizona FR

Elizabeth Thoms - Texas-Arlington SR

Kirsty Venter - Boise State FR

Natalie Wall - Coastal Carolina

Anneka Watts - Fresno State SR

Sophie Watts - Fresno State SR

Katty Weymouth - Furman FR

Katherine Whiteaway - Penn State SR

Emma Wilson - Fresno State FR

Rachel Wood - Indiana-Pennsylvania

Anna Woosley - Massachussets-Amherst

Faye Worrall - Eastern Washington FR

Cecily Wuenscher - College of William and Mary

The following players have completed their 4 years and presumably graduated:

Elliesa Ball (Fordham), Natalie Beazant (Rice), Alex Clark (Missouri-Columbia), Cassidy Crawford (Central Arkansas), Cassandra Dix (Stony Brook), Yasmin Doost (Gardner Webb), Christa Gecheva (Wyoming), Elisha Hande (North Carolina State), Joanna Henderson (Tennessee), Chrissie Hoolahan (Northern Colorado), Danielle Kerindi (Jacksonville State), Melissa Martin (Southeast Missouri State), Morven McCulloch (Iowa), Abbi Melrose (Oklahoma), Sophie Nelson (North Carolina State), Laura Oldham (Arizona), Shivani Patel (St Francis-Pennsylvania), Charlotte Phillips (Houston), Verena Scott (Texas-Arlington), Tiffany Williams (Middle State Tennessee), Rebecca Wood (North Carolina Central)

Emily Kerr has transferred from Northwestern State to Metropolitan State (Div 2)

The following players have disappeared from their college rosters before completing their 4 years, either left, transferred to a lower division (can be hard to find), early graduation or long-term injured:

Pippa Horn (Texas at Austin), Tegan Louw (Kansas State), Alexandra McDonald (South Carolina State), Chloe Moxham (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Alice Scott (South Dakota), Grace Lymer-Sullivan (Washington State)

None of the women who finished their college careers last year have since played any pro events.  It's an even bigger bunch this year, again with a few high profile names but so far haven't spotted any competing.

-- Edited by The Optimist on Thursday 25th of February 2016 05:58:31 PM


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Brilliant list, The O.

Sorry to be dense but what does the bold type signify?

Only one little point - Tiffany Williams has definitely played pro events because she was playing at Surbiton, this summer, in the Qs, and won at least one match.

Her mother said she didn't officially graduate (or finish or whatever) until Dec. this year (or Jan of next) but would then be giving pro tennis and the tour a go, as of January 2016. (Of course, plans might have changed but that was it as of June this year).

Again, great lists - I read somewhere that there are well over 300 British youngsters in total on US college tennis programmes (including all divisions) - it's amazing.

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